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of women and men

of women and men in the second part. In the third part of this paper, we discuss the aspect of the freedom and liberty of woman in term of making choice. Then, we consider the achievement of the goal of women in career life. In the fifth part

because most of the time

because most of the time, Kate is not at home because of work and does not have time to teach her little son to speak. A third example is when Ben falls down stairs, and Richard tries to call Kate many times, but she did not answer because her battery was low, Kate blames herself that

Is this an antifeminist

based on the culture and the tradition. Is this an antifeminist or a feminist movie? I would argue that it is feminist. In this essay, we try first to expose the reasons that some people may found that this movie is antifeminist. Next, we look at the deconstruction of social roles